A Typical Kitchen Remodel


The existing kitchen in a ranch style Mid-Century Modern home was dated and worn and ready for an update that would reflect the client’s taste for trend-setting contemporary design.The client requested an open plan kitchen that would visually expand the space by removing the partition wall between the living room and kitchen.

Concept Development

3D computer modeling was employed as visual aid in developing the kitchen design concept.

The new kitchen plan provides a variety of options for informal dining and socializing with guests in the adjacent living spaces.


The Completed Project

“I feel overwhelming pleased with my beautiful home.  It is almost beyond my imagination that it is my house – I never thought I’d be living in my dream home and I am!”  Sue F., client response to their new kitchen

The completed project includes built-in appliances, granite countertops with matching fireplace mantel, high-tech cable lighting, and custom upholstered bench seating at the entry and banquette dining nook.

Structural posts have been incorporated into the geometric forms that anchor both ends of the island cabinetry. The sleek contemporary design of this open plan kitchen truly complements the Mid-Century Modern architecture of the home.